Ippei Lead Generation Review

Ippei Lead Generation is a coaching program that teaches you to rank websites for local businesses. It also teaches you to rent leads to business owners. This model works as long as you follow the instructions correctly.Ippei Lead Generation

The program was created by Dan Klein and Brad Campbell in 2014. Since then, people have been able to generate a lot of money using this method. Read on Ippei Lead Generation Review for more information.

Ippei and Dan offer a lead-generation coaching program that is not a scam. They teach you to use SEO to generate free leads that you can sell to local businesses. This is a high-risk business that requires sales skills and a large investment in a website. However, it’s worth the risk to make money from home.

This course teaches you how to create and rank a lead-generation website that produces passive income each month. It starts by teaching you how to research a niche that has good search volume and low competition. You then build and rank a website to generate leads for local businesses, which you can sell for a fee.

The course also covers how to build a funnel that converts visitors into clients. It includes video lessons and a private Facebook group. The course costs between $4,860 and $8,778 to join.

Ippei’s story is a bit different than that of most online entrepreneurs. He was born in Japan and emigrated to the US at age seven. He grew up in Michigan and went to college at Michigan State. He then worked at an auto parts company. But he quickly realized that he wanted to make more money and have more control over his time.

Using Ippei’s lead generation model, you can earn thousands of dollars each month by generating and selling local leads to small businesses. You can do this on your own or with a team of marketers. In either case, the results are impressive.

You can also earn money by selling leads to other marketers or affiliates. The best part is that you can earn a commission for every lead sold. This way, you can earn a lot of money without having to worry about spending any of your own.

The training is extensive and includes thousands of hours of videos and live events. The training focuses on the leading lead generation methods, including Facebook marketing and YouTube ads. It also offers a variety of other tools and resources to help you succeed.

The price of the course is not openly disclosed, but it’s a bit more than most other programs. Typically, they will require you to watch their webinar and attend a 1-on-1 strategy call session before revealing the price.


The Ippei lead generation course is designed to teach you how to generate leads and sell them to local businesses. The training consists of more than 30 hours of video lessons and covers topics such as finding the right market, creating a digital lead-generating asset, and optimizing a website. It also includes a local SEO strategy for ranking websites in their niche. For example, if you want to rank for PC repairs in California, you should target keywords such as “PC repairs California” and “california PC repairs.”

The program is not cheap, but it’s worth the investment if you want to learn a profitable way to make money online. However, before you purchase the course, it’s important to do your research and find out if it’s really worth it.

Ippei Kanehara claims that his business model is the most profitable lead generation method out there. He even displays his total income on his website. However, the IPEI lead generation course is not without its flaws. It teaches a technique that uses black-hat and gray-hat SEO methods, which can cause your site to be de-indexed by Google. In addition, it teaches you how to use private blog networks, which are considered to be against Google’s rules.

Unlike most internet marketing courses, this one is focused on lead generation. Its creators offer a free strategy call to discuss the program and its costs, which is an excellent feature. Nevertheless, the course can be overwhelming and time-consuming for beginners. The training is not for everyone, and if you’re not prepared to put in the work, you will not see results.

The Ippei lead generation course focuses on creating a website that will provide leads for small businesses. It’s a unique approach to online marketing, which is why it’s more successful than other similar programs. But like any other online business, you need to be patient and consistent to achieve success. This is especially true if you’re a beginner and are unfamiliar with online marketing.

Live events

Ippei has been in the marketing world for years, and he is very good at communicating with customers. He knows how to get people excited about a product and has been successful at generating leads for many local businesses. He also has a great personality and is very friendly. This makes him a great fit for a live event.

Ippei discloses his earnings on his blog, and he earns $50,000+/month selling lead generation services to local businesses. The method he uses is called the “rank and rent” model, which involves building digital assets that you then “rent” to local business owners. The model is not easy and requires a lot of work, but it can be very profitable.

However, he warns that it will take a while before you start making real money. You must be patient and dedicated, and you will need to spend time on SEO and link building. Ippei’s training program includes video step-by-step training, and it is a great way to learn the rank and rent model.

The course offers a comprehensive look at local lead generation, including how to find the right market and build your first website. It also teaches you how to use different SEO tools to evaluate your marketing ideas. It focuses on the use of white-hat SEO techniques and avoids black-hat SEO methods, which can cause Google to de-index your websites.

Moreover, the course also provides a group backlink system, which makes it easier to rank your website. Additionally, the course has a number of live events that allow you to network with other members of the program. These events include regional meetups and one annual event in Las Vegas.

Ippei’s lead generation program is a great opportunity to earn a living online and be your own boss. While some people call it a scam, most of them are not aware that it takes a lot of time and effort to rank websites. Ippei and Dan are genuine instructors who have testimonials posted on their website, so it’s safe to join the program.

Customer service

The Ippei lead generation program is a business model that helps you monetize your online marketing skills. It teaches you how to rank websites that generate sales leads for local businesses. These leads are funneled directly to the local businesses, who pay you for the leads. This is a good way to make money online, but it can take time and effort to get your website to rank on Google. Ippei also suggests using black-hat SEO techniques, which can cause your website to be de-indexed by Google.

The program’s customer service is excellent. They have a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get support. They also provide two weekly coaching calls. These are great if you’re new to this type of marketing. They have over 7,000 members in their Facebook group, and they are willing to help you out whenever you have a question.

Ippei Kanehara was born in Japan and moved to the United States at age seven. He was steered towards the more traditional route of going to school and getting a job, but he realized that this was not the life he wanted for himself and his family. He decided to pursue other ways to earn a living and eventually found Dan’s lead generation program.

Ippei’s story is intriguing. He was able to build a profitable business that gives him the freedom and income he wants. He has built a relationship with his clients, and he can work from anywhere in the world. He is helping small, local businesses get the customers they need to grow. In doing so, he is changing the lives of many families around the globe.